Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 31 ~ My Mom

For the past several years my mom has suffered from dementia.
She has trouble remembering how old my kids are.  
She can have the same conversation with me 4 times within 10 minutes and express the same surprise each time.

And yet with every visit I find new bits of decor here and there.

A Fall vignette.

A pretty magazine photo she clipped and framed while I sat in her living room.

This sweet heart-shaped piece of driftwood she found outside.

Somehow her brain has hung on tightly to her own legacy of creating beauty in her home.
And while I am devastated by what my mom can't remember, I am so thankful that she has maintained this integral part of her very being.

Thank-you mom for what you have imparted to us...I hope we will hold on to it as tightly as you have.

Thanks for joining me on my 31 Day series.  
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  1. It's been such a great series and such a wonderful, loving tribute to your wonderful mother! xoD

  2. Nicely done! Great job on the 31 days and for honouring your mom with your lovely words and pictures. It's made me think about what I am passing on to my kids without even being aware of it (both good and bad!).

  3. Thanks L and D!! It was so enjoyable to do and interesting to see how much I really did get from my mom and how much my kids are starting to take on themselves.

  4. Just seems so weird to check in today...and no new blog. Thanks again for the month of great reads! xoD