Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 30 ~ Leaving My Legacy Behind

Have you been thinking over your own legacy?

It seems as though we either imitate what we grew up with, or we rebel against it.
So what will happen with my own children?

Will they appreciate that I saved tracings of their hands at 5 weeks old?

Or will they resent that I required them to clean the family room before leaving it?

Will this sort of thing push them over the edge into a total rebellion to slobsville?

Or will they end up desiring it?

My guess is that between the four of them we will see a combination of many of the traditions in design that they are growing up with.

So far they love to thrift.
They love it when I decorate our home for the seasons.
They like setting up their own vignettes.

And they are all very creative.

What more can I hope for?
(Well, maybe tidy drawers...but I'll live.)

Do you see your own design legacy filtering down to your kids?

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