Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Things I Do Not Love - Day 2

I feel apologetic about this one.  
I'm sorry.
I don't meant to hurt his feelings.

But the fiddle leaf fig tree IS everywhere and he drives me crazy.  
Who can say?
  Just bugs me.
Go find a jungle to stand in Mr. Fiddle. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Things I Do Not Love 2016

Happy February everyone and welcome to Things I Do Not Love 2016!
For those of you who may be new and wondering what on earth this might be all about, mushy gushy February is my annual month of showing you some stuff in decorland that drives me nuts.
Not that I don't like Valentines Day...I do.  
Just for fun. 

And to start the month....drumroll please....

Oh my.  
Truthfully I don't like any lamp shade on this page but those pleated ones are dreadful.
House Beautiful loves em!  I do not.  How about you?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Coming In February

Can you even believe it's nearly love month again?  
I'm looking forward to showing you a few Things I Do No Love next week.

And here's a peek at what I'll be working on in my own home...a room I really DO NOT daughter Cate's bedroom.  
It's small and always messy.  She has too many toys for the space but she's only 8 so of course she has toys and she loves to play with them so I'd like her to have a space where she is able to spread out and where she can easily clean up.

We started out by getting her a loft bed...
not my favourite option but I decided it was the best for our situation.  
Dino set it up the other night and before I woke up the next morning here's what Cate had done.

Ack.  Help.
Stay tuned for an update on how I get her all set up.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Adding Green

I wanted to add some green into my space. 

First I bought some paint.
In my head I was looking for the colour at the bottom right.
Luckily I brought the names of the colours I'd seen in my magazine because what I thought I saw on the page was quite different from the actual colours.  The 2 in the top middle are ones I'd seen in the inspiration shots and the bottom middle is what I ended up purchasing.
Rainforest Foliage 2040-10 BM

I bought a sample sized can for $11.29 and used about an inch worth on my project.

Good-bye turquoise.


I also picked up a chunk of green fabric for $3.38 and recovered my turquoise pillows.
The plaid pillow cases were a birthday gift.


I covered my coffee table with an old wool plaid blanket 
to pull in more green and warm up the space.

I didn't have to add much gold because I already have quite a few items.  I just rearranged some things so that any silver has some warm gold along with it.

Nothing I did was costly or difficult and now my living room has some fun, warm, cozy, on trend changes for the winter season.

I even got my nails into the action.

What can you paint or cover to bring some winter green into your home?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Printed Sheets

 According to House Beautiful, printed sheets are in this year.

Well lucky me because I got a set for Christmas.
I dare you to find a cuter pattern!!

I am loving the flannel.
When you have some fun sheets you can take your bed making from this...

to this.

It's nothing crazy fancy but in the dark, freezing months of winter it makes me feel happy and warm.
Find yourself a set of printed sheets.  
Mine are from Home Sense and I saw a load of cute ones at Superstore as well.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Adding gold to your space is just a can of spray paint away.  
It couldn't be easier.
Take a look at some of these ideas for putting gold into your home.

Spray an Ikea table

Better Decorating Bible

or shelf.

Or build your own unit.

Style at Home 2016

Spray the legs of a desk.
Style at Home 2016

My personal favourite...spray these Ikea brackets and add wood shelves.  
So warm and beautiful.

The thing about spraying something gold is that when trends change it's easy to spray a new look over top.  So whether you find something at Ikea to change up, or paint something you already own...get on out there and grab a can of spray!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Trends Continued

What other ghost has returned from 1994?
Oh yah baby.

Country Living 2016

 It's beautiful and easy to introduce into your space.

House and Home 2015

House and Home 2016

And it is oh, so warm!

House and Home 2016

Come on back Wednesday and I'll show you some ways to add gold into your home.