Tuesday, May 28, 2013


 I like to have little messages around the house.

Some are for me,

others are for the kids,

and of course most are for all of us.

Our Family Motto

There are some words and sayings that get to be sort of "in" to have in your home.
Awhile back, "dwell" was one of them.  
I even had a print of it.

Jones Design Company

But somehow it didn't resonate with me, so it never made the cut.
Then a few weeks back I was on a Silence and Solitude retreat and we were focussing on Psalm 27 and that idea - to dwell in the Lord - became important.  And the very next week in my daytime Bible study, there it was again in Psalm 84.

So I got out my fab frame that I'd been saving for something great,

cut some of my favourite fabric as a mat because the print did not quite fit the frame,

and put up a pretty reminder to DWELL.

It's okay to say no thanks to "hip" sayings if they don't mean anything to you and  
it's good to change your reminders and keep them fresh and relevant
 to what you and your family need to focus on.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Plant Update

Remember my dying plant?  

He hung on.  
That's him to the left.

Obviously I'm no green thumb, but I'm pretty sure he hung on because of fancy pants here.
I bought 2 of these perky gals because I thought I was gonna lose original fern and they are quite happy.  Perhaps they have been flirting.

I also got 3 herbs.  
Mostly because I wanted to use these fun picks from Target.  

Over here on the other side of the porch, the other perky fern and 5 of my original 10 geraniums.

There were actually 3 other geraniums alive but I forgot to repot them.  
Maybe they are not alive anymore.

Anyway, all in all, I think the greens are doing well.  
I was even so kind as to drag them in last night when there was a frost warning.

And look at this baby!  Isn't it gorgeous?  I bought it for myself at Mother's Day.  
I get to wake up to it every morning.  
So, so lovely.

What's happening with your garden??

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

If You Give A Girl A Rug ~ Continued

To retrieve the art supplies

from the nightmare linen closet,

she'll have to clean the entire space (with the help of her BF).

Then she'll have to scrounge some storage options from the storage room,

to use for the art supplies.

But once the shelf is staged, 

the hole in the wall will definitely bug her.

So of course she'll take this perfect opportunity
to hang the map she's been planning to frame.

a rug for the hall
a rug for Cate
a table for Jake
toys in the basement
a shelf
a clean linen closet
organized art supplies
a map

Don't you wish someone would give YOU a rug?!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

If You Give a Girl a Rug

Have you ever read that children's book, "If You Give a Moose a Muffin"?

That sort of scenario happens to me in decorating all the time...one change leads to another, and another, and pretty soon there's a trail of switcheroo all through your house.
I LOVE that.

So, it all started when my friend gave me a rug.  I decided to put it in our second floor hallway.  Until now we've kept that space as a bit of a play area and it seemed like the kids were old enough to have a mature update.

But if you give a girl a rug...

then she'll have to move the old rug into the 5 year old's reading and kitchen area.

She'll have to let the 12 year old have the old hall table in his room.

The playhouse (from atop the table) will have to move downstairs,

where it hides nicely behind the couch out of sight.

And then she'll have to replace the playhouse with a shelf.
The shelf will be perfect for storing some art supplies...

which will need to be retrieved from the nightmare linen closet.

to be continued...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Giveaway Weekend

There wasn't a whole lot out this giveaway weekend.  
Maybe people were busy with their moms.

This is my favourite find from last year.

Here's what I came across this past weekend.

5 shutters that pop nicely out of their frame.  
Love them.  

A very dirty mirror with a cute frame.  The stars along the bottom come off easily so with a little clean up and some paint it should be fine.

An empty frame.

And...2 fairly fantastic storagey units.  I'm not sure what they were for but I like 'em.  
Dino does too so he gets one.  

Just think of the possibilities.
The pro/con of giveaway weekend is that I've trained my kids well...they love to hunt treasure with me, but now they want to fight me for stuff.  Sofi was not pleased that we were not sharing one of these with her.

Maybe you think I'm nuts.  
But if you are a Cash and Cari, Picker Sister kinda watcher, then you know...this stuff is crazy fun.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

A new friend has come to live with us.

I've not yet introduced her to Marin.
Something about introducing a head to a body seems...awkward.

Anyway, the reason I got her is because a few months ago I found my wedding dress in the bottom of my parents' cedar chest, so I brought it home.  
My wedding dress was also my mother's dress.

I loved it my whole life.  There was never any question that I wouldn't wear it.
My super talented sister altered it when the time came, and I hope that maybe one of my girls will wear it someday too.

Until then it seemed like it should have a special spot.  Remember how we discussed not keeping our treasures hidden away where we can't enjoy them?

Happy Mother's Day to my sweet mom and to my lovely mother-in-law.  I am blessed by you both and so many other amazing mothers who have mentored me and hung out with me and taught me so much about mothering.  
I wish you all a very special weekend.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Condo Staged

 While choosing paint and carpet was fun, the opportunity to stage was fantastic.

Come on in!

The entrance has a shag door mat which will hide dirt easily.
Sturdy but attractive hangers are a must.

 The kitchen is so bright and sunny!

I love this little dining set.

This table by the entrance is handy for stashing keys and parcels as you come through the door.  The stools tuck nicely out of the way but are there if you need some extra seating.

The living room.

And upstairs, the master bedroom,

the bathroom,

and the office.

Blankets and throw pillows are a quick way to insert pops of colour.  Another easy method is to stack books or magazines.  These National Geographics are inexpensive at the local thrift shop, and you can also find hard cover books in various colours quite easily.

This cute little tray is from Michael's.

The menu planner adds a personal touch.

And of course, never forget to add plants!

If you know someone who is looking to buy, let me know!