Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

A new friend has come to live with us.

I've not yet introduced her to Marin.
Something about introducing a head to a body seems...awkward.

Anyway, the reason I got her is because a few months ago I found my wedding dress in the bottom of my parents' cedar chest, so I brought it home.  
My wedding dress was also my mother's dress.

I loved it my whole life.  There was never any question that I wouldn't wear it.
My super talented sister altered it when the time came, and I hope that maybe one of my girls will wear it someday too.

Until then it seemed like it should have a special spot.  Remember how we discussed not keeping our treasures hidden away where we can't enjoy them?

Happy Mother's Day to my sweet mom and to my lovely mother-in-law.  I am blessed by you both and so many other amazing mothers who have mentored me and hung out with me and taught me so much about mothering.  
I wish you all a very special weekend.

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