Monday, May 13, 2013

Giveaway Weekend

There wasn't a whole lot out this giveaway weekend.  
Maybe people were busy with their moms.

This is my favourite find from last year.

Here's what I came across this past weekend.

5 shutters that pop nicely out of their frame.  
Love them.  

A very dirty mirror with a cute frame.  The stars along the bottom come off easily so with a little clean up and some paint it should be fine.

An empty frame.

And...2 fairly fantastic storagey units.  I'm not sure what they were for but I like 'em.  
Dino does too so he gets one.  

Just think of the possibilities.
The pro/con of giveaway weekend is that I've trained my kids well...they love to hunt treasure with me, but now they want to fight me for stuff.  Sofi was not pleased that we were not sharing one of these with her.

Maybe you think I'm nuts.  
But if you are a Cash and Cari, Picker Sister kinda watcher, then you know...this stuff is crazy fun.

1 comment:

  1. Sofi banned from Salvation Army trips in case she likes the same stuff? Hee. Those all look way awesome but feel some love for the shutters.