Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days to Discover Your Design Legacy

I'm so happy to have you stop in.

If you are visiting for the first time, you can scroll down to find Day 1.  
Otherwise, find the current post below.

Day 1 ~ Design Legacy

Have you ever wondered why you like what you like?  Or what made you decide to store your popcorn in the freezer? 

For me it has been my mother who has most influenced my design.  
Join me for the next month as I show you some of her decorating and organizing ideas.  
My hope is that as you read, my story will encourage you to explore your own design heritage.
And of course, I hope you will also pick up some great tips!

My childhood home in Northwestern Ontario.

So meet me back here tomorrow to Discover YOUR Design Legacy.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


It's that time of year again.
Crackly leaves, pumpkin scones, crisp air, 

This year I'll be writing about topics close to my heart.
C'mon back on October 1st and join me for 
31 Days to Discover Your Design Legacy.

Check out The Nester to find more links to other 31 Day series, or better yet, join in with us and write one of your own!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Add a Pop of Fall Colour

An easy, quick and inexpensive way to add a bit of Fall decor is to pop a tray or 2 around the house.  
I found both of these at thrift shops for $1 each.  If you can't find the colour you want then find a cute shape and spray paint it.  Layer them up for a cozy Fall feel.

If you score a great find, I'd love to see it!

Monday, September 16, 2013

How To Make Wise Purchases

Have you ever bought something just because it was really cute?  Or, because it was SUCH a great deal?  But then when you got it home you had to work at finding a spot for it?

I find that I am tempted often.  
Especially because it is my job to search out great deals and cute stuff!  

I saw this runner in Country Living last month.

My favourite magazine is telling me this runner is a cute steal?  
How can I not have one too?

But I made myself stop and picture a spot in my home that needs a runner.  And guess what?  We don't need one.  What's more, even if I did need one, this is not the style I am aiming for in our home.  
I love it!  It's adorable!  But it's not right for our space.

Next time you are tempted by a pretty deal, ask yourself:
~Exactly where will it go?
~Is it my style?

But just in case you are in need of a runner and you love this one, you can find it here.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mourning the Loss of My Career

It smelled like Fall today, which makes it worse somehow. This season I normally love has turned on me to become one that I dread.  Because tomorrow is the day that I (partially) lose my career.  Not because I'm quitting, nor am I even getting fired.  It is just ending, through no control of my own.

It was in the year 2000 that I chose to become a stay at home mom.  And yah, I'm still a mom, and I'm still at home, but somehow not having any kids here some days makes the whole job seem sort of weird.  And sad.

I've always been sorry to see one of the kids go to Kindergarten, but when I walked away from the last 3, there was a little hand holding mine all the way home.  And tomorrow, I will walk away alone.  The thought leaves me...breathless.  Literally.  I am short of breath every time I imagine leaving her there.

Now if you are one of those parents who skipped away from Kindergarten, stay with me.  I get you too.  While it was sad last week to say good-bye to the other 3, there is a new peace around the house that I can appreciate.  

But this is not the same.  This is the END of something.  An end I don't want and didn't ask for and while I am sure it will all turn out great and I'll get used to it, right now, I just need to mourn.  
And cry my eyes out.
Not, of course, in front of her.  For she is so proud and excited and I know that she'll love it.

Bye cutie.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Being School Ready

Maybe you're never totally school ready in your heart, but at least you can get your home prepared for the onslaught of papers and forms and items that will need to be dealt with during the first few weeks of school.

You've seen our school organization area before.  
It was looking tired and sad.  Not to mention messy.
And since the best part about school is the supplies, I decided to pep things up a bit.
(So sorry for the picture quality.  Something went amiss with my camera but it's hard to get another "before" shot after the fact!)

I try hard to use and re-use but those old duo tangs were done.
I got new ones and printed out the kids' names in my favourite font, cut them to size and glued them on.
We use these for keeping things like class lists, class phone numbers, parent rep information, and any other papers that we may need to access all year long.

Next I collected pens and pencils, sharpies and erasable markers, paper clips and a good eraser.
I also bought myself a stapler.  I am constantly fighting with the cheap little staplers that float around our house and I have put my foot down.  We are having ONE good stapler.

I traded in my little turquoise pitcher for a Fall coloured goblet.
Keep the specific writing supplies you and the kids will need easily accessible and close at hand.

I did a 5 minute clean up of the supply drawer.  Think about what might be handy to keep close by.  A 3 hole punch?  Stapler?  Glue sticks?  Make a list of everything you find yourself looking for during the after school homework time.

I posted a new message which I've already had a couple of the kids repeat back to me a few times.
I saw this on Jones Design Company and thought it was so lovely.

Part of staying organized is delegating.  
Post a list for lunch making and let the kids do their own.

Just a few easy steps to make things look more pulled together and to have what we need to face another year.


What's the item you can't do without in your after school area?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Get Organized Inside

Probably I should be posting some sure fire tips to keep you organized this week as the kids go back to school.

Instead I'm gonna tell you how much I love this book.

I heard Bob Goff speak at the Global Leadership Summit.  I thought he was kinda crazy, but his book looked good so I bought it.  Now that I've read it I know he's crazy, but he's also wise.  He made me want to be better.  To do better.  But without making me feel like a schmuck right now.

So have a read and get your insides organized.  
Cause that's what counts, right?