Tuesday, May 28, 2013


 I like to have little messages around the house.

Some are for me,

others are for the kids,

and of course most are for all of us.

Our Family Motto

There are some words and sayings that get to be sort of "in" to have in your home.
Awhile back, "dwell" was one of them.  
I even had a print of it.

Jones Design Company

But somehow it didn't resonate with me, so it never made the cut.
Then a few weeks back I was on a Silence and Solitude retreat and we were focussing on Psalm 27 and that idea - to dwell in the Lord - became important.  And the very next week in my daytime Bible study, there it was again in Psalm 84.

So I got out my fab frame that I'd been saving for something great,

cut some of my favourite fabric as a mat because the print did not quite fit the frame,

and put up a pretty reminder to DWELL.

It's okay to say no thanks to "hip" sayings if they don't mean anything to you and  
it's good to change your reminders and keep them fresh and relevant
 to what you and your family need to focus on.

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