Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Lovely Day of Antiquing

What a fabulous day I've had!
I got to go to the Red Barn Antique Sale with some lovely ladies. 
Here we are with all of our finds.

Except, in fact, all 7 items purchased, were purchased by me.  
So really, these gals are perfect antiquing companions.  They were happy to carry stuff and help load the van...but there was no competition for the merchandise.  

Let's have a closer look.

I got a cute and very functional plant stand.
As well, an odd wire-ish box.  For what I know not but I like it.

This basket is in great shape, very useful and could go in pretty much any room.

I think you know I love a good tray.  
This one is melamine which is not only indestructible but also holds fond memories for me from my Bible camp days.
Plus it is a great colour.

Everything I purchased was very reasonably priced but the score of the day was this super cute side table for $4.  
The white table was a great deal too and could be a sofa table, potting table, is such a great style and really nicely aged. 

My favourite find is this hat box.  
It is perfect for the look that I'm planning for our renovated living room. 
I even haggled for it!  

We had lunch at the amazing bakery in Niverville.  
It was so good.  
These buns found there way home with me.

But the star of the show was my little bunny.  
She was so well behaved and fun to have with us.  
I am so grateful for her...and here we go making myself cry at the thought of her going to Kindergarten next year!!!!!

Love you Cate.

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  1. A perfect day! Thanks so much for including me!