Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I'm Moving!!

One year ago today I was in Palermo, Sicily drinking tiny coffee,

and having amazing adventures with my family.


Since returning from our 8 weeks in Europe last August, I have blogged maybe 10 times.
It's not that I don't think of you often...my sweet reader friends, but this past year has found me doing more projects than ever and as much as I want to share them, there just hasn't been time.

To blog that is.
Cause there's this whole thing with blogging where you have to, you know, write stuff, and resize pics and all those things that take some minutes.

So what I am going to aim for instead, is to share little bits with you on Instagram.

Cause when I see a cool light at Home Sense, I want to show you!

And when I'm thinking on paint colours I want to tell you about it.

Or when I'm so mad about already killing a 2 day old plant, 
I want to have a little rant with you.
(Not to mention the rant I need to have about why my photos won't size properly and appear all blurry!!!  My move is gonna save me some sanity and you some sore eyes.)

So please come join me on Instagram 
so we can keep talking decorating together!