Monday, March 6, 2017

Coffee Bar

Recently the Forbes' needed a new fridge and the one we chose was taller than their old one.  
This meant that they had to remove the cupboard that was above the fridge.  And I figured, since they were mudding and painting anyway, it might be fun to take out the cupboard between the fridge and pantry as well so that we could create a new coffee bar in that space.

Here we are minus cupboards.

And here is what we installed instead.
And by "we" I mean my husband Dino...who is always very patient and gracious when I say, hey, would you mind...

If you are wondering what happened to the stuff that was in the cupboards, it went partly to the spot where mugs were stored, and partly to the pantry.
We collected all the mugs and coffee and tea paraphernalia and ta da!
Coffee Bar.

I kept the upper shelves light on accessories...

to balance the bottom shelf which is loaded with mugs.

The kettle and coffee maker are both on a tray that can slide in and out for easy access to water refills.
I also kept two oft-used cookbooks within easy reach.

The top two drawers which were mainly used for random miscellaneous stuff got emptied and now house many bags of tea.

What a fun new space!

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