Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Pastor's New Office

It's not every day that you get a dream project dropped into your lap, but working on our new pastor's office at Grant Memorial has been that for me.

Dreamy for two reasons:
A - Pastor John and I share the same taste in cozy, lodge-like rooms
B - he deferred to my opinion every step of the way.


So my job was to take this

and create a warm, welcoming space with a ski lodge/hunting cabin/tourist camp feel.

Yes please!!  
How much fun is that?

Let's have a look at the results.

In planning the new look, I started with some of the larger pieces of furniture;
the sofa and chairs,

the recliner,

and the shelving.

The desk turned out to be a challenge but it was easily solved by Dale Sahaidak Woodworking.  He built the coffee table and end table and when my original desk fell through, 
he whipped this baby up within a week.

The key to a cozy and inviting space is to create a look that appears to have been curated over time.  Accessories that have personality, lots of plants and 
groups of books all work together to add warmth.

Curtains go a long way in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Pieces of old, unique furniture like this little cupboard,

and this stool-turned-side-table,

not only help keep costs down, but also add to the homey feel.

Art is extremely important in creating the right atmosphere in a room.

These guys are calendar pages framed with IKEA frames.

And then there are the pieces that were just too much fun to resist.

 The pheasant was donated by one staff member and another staffer made this gorgeous throw.

My only regret is that the project is finished!  
I will miss hanging out in here.

I want to give a huge shout out to the Grant Memorial Property Department for their amazing help.  They were so quick to paint and move furniture out and carry stuff back in...I am so grateful.

Also many thanks to the Finance Department for running to make payments for me and helping me whenever I needed.  

And finally to Melody for dealing with deliveries, and helping me sew and all sorts of weird requests...and for making the beautiful throw!

If you don't currently have a church family I highly recommend a visit to Grant Memorial.  Pastor John and his family are just lovely and such a blessing for our congregation...
and, hey, he's got really great taste!!


  1. You did such a fantastic job! My only compaint is that he will always like his office better than our living room, ha! Great job!

    1. Well that's an easy fix!! :) Let's get on that living room...

  2. It looks warm and cozy and inviting. Wonderful job. God will use that space to minister to many.

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  4. John's office is absolutely beautiful!! We have a small home in Lubbock, TX - want to come do some of your magic here! 😄

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I've been hearing rumours of John's office, quickly rising to legendary status. If I ever need some interior decorating, now I know who to go to.