Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 14 ~ Keeping What You Like

Truth be told, this used to bug me.
My mom will keep anything...even if it's broken.

But something must happen when you pass 40.  
You realize a little wear and tear is really no biggie.

This plate sits in my mom's kitchen.
She found it in an abandoned cabin and she liked it,  
so a little break in the edge did not matter for her.

This is my favourite vase. 
(Coincidentally, given to me by my mom.)
Awhile back it got knocked over.

So we glued it up and it's as good as new.

Better actually, cause I think it's over 40 also.
Do you have something that's broken but too special to give up?

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Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving today!


  1. I have a ceramic vase/urn type of thing that I got from Teresa a few years ago. A piece chipped off it a while ago but I'll never get rid of it. Gorgeous fall picture!

    1. I think the chips make stuff more special. :) Thanks re was breathtaking at Lake of the Woods this weekend.