Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More on the Power of a Picture

On Monday we talked about how a photo can inspire an 
idea that we can then put to use in our own homes.  Here's another example. 

Whenever I read a magazine, I rip out anything that I love or ideas I think 
I can use and file them for future purposes.  

When I saved these shots, it was because I loved the feel of this room.

Design by Peter Dunham

Most particularly, I fell for this table.  I love its scale and the cozy mood it creates.

So, when my friend Kristin was helping me to rearrange my living room, I got out this shot and we used it to plan how we'd move my furniture.  My goal was to add more seating into the main living room.  Despite my original plan of creating several sitting areas, guests seem to want to "circle".  So, I wanted to add more seats into the ring, so to speak.

We took my table and used it in the mix as an oversized side table, just like the inspiration shot.

It's a perfect spot to display fun and interesting items.
It's also a great place to set a plate of food or a drink.

Now I can fit 10 people into the circle.  
Let's party!

Do you ever look at magazines?  
They are such an amazing resource for ideas.  It's not about replicating, but about seeing a shot that will spark an idea that you can then run with and make your own.

These are the 4 that show up at my door each month.  
A subscription is surprisingly inexpensive.

And so, this summer, I encourage you to relax and take some time to browse through some magazines.  You can even get them at the library - just don't rip those pages out!

And with that I will bid you farewell!  I will return periodically over the summer but my posts won't be the normal twice a week.  I hope you'll have a lovely break and a fabulous time with your kids!

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