Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Counselling Office

Thanks for all the great recipe ideas you posted on Facebook everyone!
I'm gonna get myself in gear and create a meal planner that involves, you know, cooking.

While I've not been too active in the kitchen lately, 
I have had a crazy fun time decorating a room at my church.  

The space was set up like a normal office.  

My job was to turn it into a counselling office with a cozy, 
comfortable feel that also included a work space.  

First I chose the paint colour.
The furniture was inherited but the rest of the items I got to purchase. 
So fun!

Here's the other side of the L shaped room before,

and after with the newly added work space.

I do like to organize, but having the chance to create a whole new look for a space is by far, my favourite activity!  I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to work on this office!

Oh - my lovely assistant.  


  1. This looks incredible! You definitely have a gift, I'm sure people will be blessed by this space, with its cozy, comfortable atmosphere. Well done once again SIL!!

  2. Would be cozier without the fluorescent lights!

    1. YES! Well, a girl can only control so much. I can just picture the faces of the property department at church when I ask them to remove all overhead lighting. I did give them a table lamp they can use instead to create a peaceful atmosphere. :)

  3. And I'm sure that with the natural light from the window the lamp is often enough. Pretty! I didn't realize this had happened.