Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cupboard Organization Reveal

Did you accept Monday's cupboard organization challenge?  
If you did, then post some photos of your before and afters.  
If not, then maybe my shots can inspire you.

Here's a reminder of the before.

My biggest problem was the boxes of saran wrap, wax paper and zip locks.  
Step 1 then was to research the internet and look for some storage possibilities.

Step 2 involved the purchase of this guy.

For Step 3 I emptied the entire cupboard.

Step 4 was to remove anything unnecessary like tupperware and jars that belong elsewhere, sippy cups we no longer need, and doubles of saran and bags that could be in the pantry.

In Step 5 I moved the shelf up to make it as high as possible.  Then I put everything back.  Now the boxes of wrap fit in one layer and don't waste space.  Straws are in the little tupperware bin up top.
The new purchase keeps shorter boxes from getting shoved to the back where they get lost.  
Love it!
The tall stuff is on the bottom and items that are rarely used like the cheese graters and hand held mixer are in the back.

The entire process (minus shopping for the basket) took less than an hour.

And since I now had some tupperware to put away, I also tidied that cupboard,

and did a quick re-arrange of the cupboard under the sink.


Organization doesn't have to be a long and tedious process.  
You might be surprised at how many little spaces you can whip into shape within an hour's time. 
Cause, after all, we all have the World Cup to watch!

GO ITALY!!!!!!!! 

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