Thursday, November 28, 2013

Renovation Reveal - Dining Room

Here's a before of the dining room.  
The window had to be filled in since there is now a room on the other side of it instead of the outdoors..

And here it is now!

Take a closer look at some of my favourite features.

My hutch travelled from its 1994 state into the 21st century, providing my milk glass collection a home.  


The stippled ceiling got a make-over.  

 I've always wanted to add some writing to the wall!

These guys have been in storage for quite awhile.

And probably my favourite feature in the entire renovation, the pantry doors.  Dino did an amazing job of making my exact request a reality.
I just LOVE them.  
And him.

It's been lovely to get to sit down to eat again.  Squishing into our 4 stool kitchen was getting old.

HUGE thanks to all our friends who so generously gave their time to help us see this project through!

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