Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Tree Decorating 101

 I thought it might be fun to discuss the organization of tree decor.

To start, let me say, in the real/artificial debate, real wins for me every time.
However, circumstances have dictated that we go with artificial for the past few years.  I miss the real tree very much. 

Okay, let's dig in.

If you ignore everything I say for the rest of the post, please, please at least follow step 1.


It was really tricky to get a shot of squished vs fluffed branch but basically, after your tree emerges from storage you need to take the time to go through every branch and straighten and fluff out the wires.
Yes, I did say every branch.


Once you have your tree all prepared,

move on to step 2.


Sort your ornaments into categories.  
For Cate and I, it was easy...we just did one type of ornament at a time.  Start with one category and space them out evenly. 

Red balls.

White snowflakes.

Mirrored ornaments.

You may have to sort by colour of ball or by size of ornament.  The key is to layer everything evenly all the way around the tree and from top to bottom.  Stand back and check it out every so often.

I chose to go easy on the decorations this year, but even if your tree is loaded, just make sure you're spacing things evenly.

Step 3


My favourite part is tinsel which looks like this in daylight,

and gets all glittery fabulous at night.

Have fun!
And remember, there's never too much tinsel.

White Christmas

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