Thursday, November 7, 2013

A New Office

Recently our sweet Director of Children's Ministry had a mishap that left her with both wrists in casts.
Not fun.
She was in the middle of moving to a new office in our church and all her belongings were in boxes, so I was allowed the amazing task of organizing her new space!  
SO fun!!

First I got to go spend some money and provide her with a new storage unit,

and a place to hold meetings.

I just discovered that these chairs were recently featured in my favourite magazine!
I get super excited when that happens.

 Next we had to unpack all her boxes and sort her stuff onto these shelves.


I chose a white theme to keep the space fresh and peaceful.

Plants were a priority for me so I made sure to make space for them in the budget.  
Without plants an office is so...dreary.

These white file boxes are super inexpensive and look great with the cute labels I found as a free download from

I used larger boxes up high for storing all those crazy fun props that Children's Ministries, you know, pink bubble wrap.

Sometimes when life around you is chaotic, what you need is a calm, peaceful space.

Thanks for the countless hours you give and the amazing way you minister to our kids Beth!


  1. You did a great job Shannon! Beth's office looks great!

    1. Thanks Tanya! It was so fun to be there and get to chat with people on their way by...I miss it! :)