Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Renovation Reveal - Living Room

 As you may remember, the last peek at our living space involved this wall

coming down to open into our addition.

Here's the view from the other side...in the addition looking toward the old living room.
Obviously, a lot had to be done still...tape, mud, baseboards, trim,

and paint.

One more time?

Ta daaaaaaaaaa!

My very fabulous and talented husband has been working tirelessly on all the finishing touches.

Let's take a little tour.

The baseboards are fantastic.  LOVE them.
And having trim around our front door (rather than insulation) is dreamy.

Here we have the beverage corner.  Now you see why I needed so many chairs!

One of my very most favourite details are the curtain rods that Dino built using plumbing piping.  He did an amazing job!

On the decor side, my skis are a favourite.  I got them last year at a yard sale for $5.  Love them.  And my newly bashed up chairs are pretty happy in there too.

It's so nice to have so much space for a Christmas tree!

And over here, we have another whole room!  We're calling it the sitting room...I know, so original.  

Favourites here include a school house light from Old House Revival and a fireplace, and, more skis!

Let's have a last look...



If you are wondering about the paint, I did choose the dark sample which is Benjamin Moore's Templeton Grey.

Dino, you are a miracle worker.
Thank-you for the sleepless weeks and countless hours of work you put in to give our family this dream space.  

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  1. So wonderful! Love every part of this new space!