Friday, November 22, 2013

Giving a Chair a New Look

Chairs are one of the easiest pieces of furniture to make over.  
They are not that hard to find if you can be patient and search around a bit and usually quite affordable.  A little paint and fabric and presto,  a new look!

I got a set of 2 chairs from Kijiji awhile back for $30.

It was tempting to keep the wood on these ones but it had a bit of that fake veneer look so I decided to go with paint, and then recovered the cushion which only involved staples, no sewing.


I'll just mention here that the staple gun has much the same effect as using the sander which I discussed a few days back.

Imagine all the different looks that could have been achieved here.  Painting bold pink, vibrant teal, or even black or white would have given some very different looks.  
Using leather, faux fur, velveteen or a floral on the seat would change things up so much.  

Chairs are a great way to really add your own personality to a room.
And, who couldn't use some extra seating?

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