Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8 ~ Keep Supplies Handy

Yesterday I talked about storing papers that come home from school.  Today let's look at what else we keep in those baskets.

Over time I've discovered that we are constantly in need of various items when we're unloading the backpacks and sorting through everyone's stuff.  I have a drawer right beside where the baskets hang and we keep it, and the baskets filled with tools that come in useful on a regular basis; stapler, envelopes for sending order forms and such back to school in, tape for sticking pizza tickets into lunch bags.  And, don't forgot the cheque book.  It seems I am constantly writing a cheque for a field trip or Scholastic Order.

We also have a big family calendar handy to note important dates like hot lunch or days off.

On its own the jumbo calendar is not my favourite pretty item, but when it all gets put together with a fun chalkboard and our family initial, we can keep the school storage area looking nice. 

Make a list of items that you are constantly running for during the back pack unloading time and keep them at arms length.  
(I love my little tape dispenser on the wall!)

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