Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 7 ~ School Papers

As many of you know, school aged children end up with a lot of paperwork.  To keep things organized, easy to access and looking tidy, I hung a basket for each child in our kitchen, close to where they come in with their backpacks.  Only 3 are in school but I bought a fourth basket and hung it so that we're ready when the time comes!

 I give them each a duo tang where we store papers that we might use all year.  The class list for example, or the show and tell schedule.
When they bring home random papers that need to be held on to for awhile - their verse for the month or their spelling list - we just keep those loosely filed in the front so they can get them out to study each day.
These baskets are from Ikea.

Here is a similar idea with boxes from Michael's.

Make sure you hang storage units securely and at a kid friendly height.

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  1. I'm looking for a solution on how to keep track of (and trash some) receipts. Maybe a basket or box hanging solution like this could work! Thanks for the inspiration! Stopped by from The Nester.

  2. Oh receipts are stinkers! I have a budget sheet to write down what I've spent in various categories (groceries, entertainment, gifts) with the goal being not to go over my monthly allotment. Then I throw the receipt out if I can and those I need to keep I file in a recipe box divided into the 12 months.
    Thanks for reading!!