Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 27 ~ Crafty Storage

I have found this shelf from Michael's to be quite useful for craft storage.

It has lots of space for little doodads that you just aren't sure where else to put.

According to Cathe Holden
this little guy is called a trug.  
Anyway, I use him to store my sewing stuff...such as it is.  I am only a very basic sewer so I don't need much.

I keep fabric folded in piles on my book shelves and scraps in this old bread bin.

I really love the thread stand which can also be free-standing on a table.
Ribbon rolls up in the spice organizer.

I use this Ikea storage unit (painted with knobs added) for all my stamps, paper cutter, etc..

It's great to have extra table space in my office besides my desk so I can leave projects out or have space to wrap something.  It is also my sewing table if I need to zip up a straight line or two.

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