Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 17 ~ Schedule a Fix-It Time

We all have those spaces in our homes that are just not working. 
Here is mine.

I had no idea what spices I even had in here, and no desire to look that closely which meant I kept buying repeats.  
I also had to keep moving the cd's every time I wanted something from the bottom shelf.

But it happens, right?  You know your area is ridiculous but you never, ever notice it until you are using it and when you are using it you are busy, well, in my case cooking, so that is not the time to fix it.
So find a slot of time this week and schedule a Fix-It time.  

I scheduled mine for today.

Bottom Shelf

Middle Shelf

Top Shelf

It took me some time but oh my goodness, so worth it!

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