Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 13 ~ The Pantry

Last Spring I reorganized my pantry.
I love that it looks tidy now and I am really enjoying the storage bins.

But the best part of the new pantry for me is a little secret I stumbled upon.  Maybe the whole world does this already, but I never did and I find it so much more efficient.
Whenever I bring my groceries home now I spend a few extra minutes removing all the packaging.

No more plastic around the juice boxes - toss out the little cardboard apple sauce holders.

Get rid of the those soup cases!

Now when I run to grab an item I don't have to spend any time trying to pry it out of the packaging and I don't have to run the wrappers to the's already done!  I find the kids are much quicker to come back with a juice box or other item for their lunches as well.

Easy trick...give it a whirl!

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