Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 4 ~ Eat In Kitchen Turned Mud Room

Four kids and all their gear takes up a lot of space and creates quite an organizational challenge. 
Our family mostly uses our back door which enters into an eat-in kitchen.  The thing is, we have a big island with stools in the kitchen, plus a dining room.  So I changed the eat-in area into a mud room.  We got wardrobes from Ikea and now when the kids come in from school, jackets, boots and backpacks all get put behind closed doors.
To pretty them up, I used tiny frames to put each person's name on their door.

Having all this stuff behind closed doors does make quite a difference in how organized we stay and how tidy the room looks!

Don't be afraid to use a room for a different purpose than for what it was intended.
Make your space work for you!

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