Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Well, that may be sort of wishful thinking considering the amount of snow on the ground still, but Spring HAS sprung in my friend Jen's house.  She has a whole load of adorable decor for Spring (and every other season) and the other day I got to go over and decorate.  Check it out!

I started in the living room, moving an empty shelf in from the dining room and dedicating it to Spring only.

The top of the shelf.

Both side tables got some Spring treatment.

And the coffee table got a little vignette corralled in a tray.

On to the kitchen.  First I decked out the cupboards (after a purge and rearranging of the dishes).

Then the island got a little shot of fun.  Is that bunny not the cutest stand you ever saw?

In the dining room I set up a little table and chair set,

added a tray to a side table,

and then decked out the china cabinet.

Finally, the hallway got some fun 3D eggs.

I am the luckiest girl around to have the opportunity to decorate with so much cute stuff!  

Okay, yes.  I am hearing you.  It is possible that we do not all get to walk down to our basements and bring up several bins of Spring stuff.  But we still want to achieve that fresh, Winter is over feeling.  So, stay tuned for some tips on how to add a little Spring without breaking the budget. (Not that Jen did...she is a brilliant shopper!)  


  1. And it looks (and feels) fabulous!

    The whole neighbourhood has been chatting... well... the kids have been showing off to their friends!!! EVEN THE BOYS!!!
    The house is full of new ENERGY for a new season! It is so uplifting!
    I completely promise that we give YOU all the credit... and I will try to NOT add another bin to the basement... "try"