Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Office Needs

Darla has a new job!!  And along with it, new home office needs.  We had a consultation and decided on some homework; purchase more shelving, a few extra storage boxes and an additional work space.  

Because Darla's book collection had outgrown her current shelving we wanted to add more cube shelves.  Unfortunately, her particular shelves are no longer manufactured in her colour..ARG!  

So, rather than adding to the cubes, I chose instead to replace this unit which was not utilizing a maximum amount of space.   

This new unit has more room and the colour fits in with the existing shelves.

The extra storage boxes got used to hide some work items that needed new homes.  I sorted one category of books and moved them over to provide more space on the cubes.  And all the work binders, folders, etc. are also on this new unit.

The old cube shelves...

now have more space for the book collection to grow.  We also physically moved them over toward the wall with the new unit.

Darla's desk was outgrowing her needs.  

So, we sorted through everything on her work space and kept only what she wanted within arm's reach.   We moved her filing cabinet to the space that was left from moving the cube shelves, and we moved the whole desk over as well.   

And in the spot where the filing cabinet had been...

we now had enough room to add more work space.  This great little table from Kijiji was a steal!

Finally, we tackled the closet. 

We purged what we could and resorted and made sure that homes for items were practical and easy to maintain.

And now, every single, solitary item has a place.  And Darla...has a pretty space.

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