Sunday, April 10, 2011

DIY Jewellery Frame

I keep seeing these great jewellery frames around, so when Kristin gave me an empty white frame, I decided it was time for a DIY.

Now I need to just explain here, that when I use the term "Do It Yourself", the "Yourself" may not actually mean ME.  It includes my mom, dad, husband, sister...really anyone I can convince to help me out.  

This is where I had been storing my jewellery - two china containers on my bathroom counter.

And this is where I store it now.

My dad cut a board to fit inside the frame and stapled on the fabric I had chosen.  My husband attached the knobs I bought and smaller frames that I had painted.  Then he secured the whole thing inside the large white frame.  Oh, and he hung it for me.

I made sure to measure my necklaces so that I could place the knobs with enough room for the jewellery to hang within the frame.

I used the smaller frames to create interest and definition.

Stick pins hang charms for my favourite necklace.

I'm loving the finished product!  Thanks Dad and Dino!!


  1. That looks fantastic!

  2. I love it too and it even looks better in real life.....if that's possible. Lee