Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bedroom Redo and a Baby Shelf

The Scott's are pretty busy at their house.  New baby on the way...major house reno about to start...and a bedroom redo for their son.  With the speed of light they emptied his room and painted over the red walls. We had a little consult and decided where the furniture should go.

They put up a loft bed,

hung shelves,

and utilized some storage from a different room.

Today I got to come in and pretty it up.  All the cars got stored on the tall wire shelf.

Books and toys went on the new shelving units.  The L-shaped configuration leaves lots of floor space to play.  It also created a little secret hideaway where I stored the Nerf gun and bullets. Baskets hold toys with lots of pieces as well as hide some miscellaneous items.  The paint cans have been used to store toys in here for years.  So cute - and an easy, inexpensive storage container.

I arranged keepsakes nice and high and then lighter toys that wouldn't stress wall mounted shelving are hidden in baskets lower down.  Big bins of lego are tucked out of the way.

We hung up this super cool map to finish it all off.


New baby is gonna be living in Mom and Dad's room when she arrives until the house reno is done. But of course she needs her own closet!  I suggested using this shelf tucked away behind the door to house her needs.

I moved the top shelf down so we could add a bar for hanging adorable little dresses.   Organizing at Jen's is a dream because she has a tonne of storage options.  Every container here was already in her house.  I used the big baskets on top to store clothing bigger than 6 months size.  The white bins with lids hold wash clothes and diaper shirts - both items new mom's don't have time to fold! The wipes and change pad fit on the narrow shelf.  Diapers will go in the big dark basket.  Sleepers are organized by size and lay easily accessible in the other white storage boxes.  And on the bottom, I stored blankets in one basket and crib sheets in the other.

 Just cannot WAIT to hold that baby!!

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