Saturday, April 2, 2011

More Spring

As promised, we will now discuss what can be done to put a little Spring in your home even if you don't have bins full of decor stored in your basement.

1.  I like to take all my cozy warm throws that I've had out all winter, roll them up and put them in a container in my living room.  That same container has a few lighter colour, lighter weight blankets which I switch them out for.

 2.  Plants.  Greenery goes a long way in saying "Spring!".  I am a plant killer, so I tend to go for artificial.


These little boots were a Mother's Day gift one year and I love putting them out each Spring.

If you are a green thumb, then there are tonnes of sweet little plants out during early Spring that you can easily bring into your home.  I bought this pot on a recent trip and searched for a geranium to plant in it.  I was a bit early though and ended up with this little guy.  I am loving him!  Every so often I wander in and find him dead...passed out completely.  So I pop him under the tap and squirt some water in and within an hour, he is back to his perky self!  So handy!!  And a touch of pink is a great way to say Spring!

3.  Flowers.  Tulips and daffodils are so inexpensive right now and look beautiful.  They last quite awhile too.

Or you can find lots of great artificial bouquets as well.  Use your Michael's 40% off coupon!

4.  Pillows.  Remember at Christmas we put a pop of red on the couch?  Now I've added a cute little floral number.

Green stripey for the chair.

Okay, okay.  I know.  You don't have a million pillows in storage.  But if you do have pillows on your furniture, then covering them is so easy.  Believe me, I can sew straight lines only, but all you need are 3 straight lines, pop the pillow in some new cute fabric, and then either sew it up - or if that is beyond you, be creative.  Use kilt pins to close the end up.  Or just tuck it shut.  You can also buy pre-made pillow covers.

5.  Curtains can really change the look of a room.  I keep my doors to my deck covered with brown corduroy all winter to keep the cold air out.  But in Spring I switch them out with sheer white curtains.  They came with our last house so they were free and have been so useful!  It is amazing what sheers can do to pull your house out of Winter mode.

Now I'm not telling you that you must do all of this - unless you are willing to store a bin or two - but a pillow here, a plant there, a couple of bouquets and your house will pop into the season in no time.

I will leave you with my latest Spring acquisition.  I have always wanted some blue eggs but never see any affordable ones.  Big yay to Homesense for these cuties - and for this adorable little urn in exactly my favourite colour.  

Happy Spring Everyone!


  1. Beautiful! Glad I could add some tulips to your spring decor.

  2. I love,love,love that blue urn and the eggs inside of it! It's so cute.