Monday, May 4, 2015

A New Couch and Chair Explanations

I promised I'd tell you why my little love seat moved out of the living room and is now sitting awkwardly up in our bedroom patiently awaiting a new home.

Here's where he was.

Which was all fine and good except that he is so small.  And what I've learned in having a new living area is that there is never enough seating even when you have a LOT of seating.  So I thought it would be wise to replace him with a couch.  And, he was also not quite the style I was wanting in my space.  
(Don't tell him because he is quite sensitive.)

So I searched for a deal on a couch with no luck and then suddenly one day came upon a great opportunity and snatched it up.

Here is our new space.

I love the new couch.  I love that it matches the style I'd wanted.  The previous chairs have moved elsewhere and the green one in the corner moved in from another part of the house.

But as you'll remember, the metal one is new.

So in case you were wondering why on earth I made my husband pack a faux leather and metal chair in the back of our van halfway into our 27 hour drive across North's the reason.

Meet the archer desk chair from Pottery Barn.  
I met him once and fell head over heels.  

This chair is fantastic but it is no longer available and even if it were it was $799.

Sometimes in the world of design you love something that you cannot have. 

But when I saw this guy it reminded me so much of the archer 
(I know it doesn't look the same but it has the same feel for me) and for $30 and a little creative packing, it was beyond worth it to me.

Welcome here chair.  
I hope you find Canadian bums comfortable. 

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