Monday, May 25, 2015

Painting the Desk

So I wanted to try a new paint product called Fusion.

It's supposed to be this really easy to use paint that requires minimal prep and gives you a pretty matte finish similar to chalk paint.
I decided to try it out on the desk.

Minimal prep very much appeals to me because I'm a lazy painter.  However, the saleslady at the store actually made it sound like there was quite a bit of prep.  She still wanted me to sand, then TSP, then she said I needed a bottom coat so the paint would stick.  Then a colour blocking primer, then the colour.  Oh, and a $35 brush and some beeswax to finish it off.

That sounded a smidgy more like maximum prep.  
So I agreed to the primer,

and the colour.
I chose Heirloom from the Michael Penny collection.
But it was much too blue.  You can't tell in this photo but it was not close to the colour of the wardrobe which was my hope.

So I did a second coat with my plain old BM Mill Springs Blue that I'd used on the wardrobe.
So much for trying new paint.
I can tell you that I did love the matte finish of the fusion product but I'll have to try it again on another project to really know how well it covered.

Once I was done painting, I replaced the old pulls.

With adorable little deer!

Happy working Dino.

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