Monday, May 18, 2015

The Finished Bedroom

It's finished! 
Have a look.
The bed stayed put and I was bummed for awhile.  
It is so fun to put your bed in a new spot!

 However, on the upside, I still get my bedside table.

And I love how the wardrobe looks on Dino's side.
I'm pretty happy about this new green lamp, which I got at Salvation Army for $5.
I found out after that it had been my friend Kristin's!  

The t.v. got a major upgrade and my dresser replaced the vanity.

I'm pretty thrilled with the t.v.!  
We were able to use the shelf I'd bought for above Dino's desk as our media center.  It's really great having everything wires on the floor.

The dresser fit nicely where the vanity was.  
I just needed to add a couple of frames to fill in the space.

The vanity moved into our closet area which makes for a cozy dressing room feel.

My scarves were getting too crowded so I added some baskets for off season storage.

In the bathroom I added a bright floor mat.

And, of course, there's the new work space!

Since I couldn't hang the wall shelf, I just piled the books up here.

The desk got a new paint job which I'll tell you about another day.

So here we are. 

Part of the joy of rearranging a space is the purging and cleaning that goes along with it.
It feels great to have a fresh new look!

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