Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dumpster Dive

It's amazing what gets thrown out!  
Look what I found in a dumpster on the weekend.

Both frames and the chair are definite "project" material but hey, they were free.  
I think there's the potential for a cute outcome.

And in case you're rolling your eyes and thinking, only Shannon would take garbage from the dumpster...not so.

In fact all 6 of my fellow retreaters at the Silence and Solitude Retreat I attended on the weekend rifled through the dumpster with me.  And 6/7 of us took something home.

Free is free my friend.


  1. Could you talk to each other as you rifled through garbage?

  2. We did. We had to agree on who wanted what! :)

  3. A bonding moment! My treasure is still in the garage.