Monday, September 8, 2014

September's Organizing Expectations

Does September seem like one of those months where you've got to be organized?  
Meals made in the freezer, calendar at the ready?  

For me it feels like there's this expectation, this need to have everything in place or else I'll somehow fall behind.  
But just WHEN, during the summer with four kids home was I supposed to get everything all organized-like for fall?  

It's not realistic.  
So today's post is a reminder to cut ourselves some slack.  If there are some things you wish you'd done in time for the start of school, let it go, and do it when you can.

Here's a job I did at the beginning of the summer.  I had a fabulous time working with Robyn to organize her daughter's desk.  She was a star purger and had lots of great systems in place for where to keep items.  She just needed some help to get 'em there.  



I show you this to inspire you.  
Go back up and scroll between the before and after.  
It does feel great to be organized, and it only took 2 hours.  
So when you have some time, whenever it turns out to be, tackle a spot that you've 
wanted to do all summer and cross it off the list.  
But until then, don't sweat it!  
September does not have to begin with perfect order!

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