Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Pulled Together Space: Step Four - Personality

You've rearranged your furniture and added textiles.  
The lighting has been adjusted to suit your taste and you've scattered plants around. 
Now the final step to making your space feel like home, rather than a nice hotel, is to add personality in the form of art, books, and curiosities.

Art doesn't have to be expensive but it should be shots that you love.  
Find frames at thrift stores and make your own.
My one BIG tip?
Do not hang it too high.  

A room without books is just...empty.  It's a bit like plants in that I can't quite explain it but you have to have books.  You can stack them on a table or stand them on a shelf.  If you're a little short on your book collection visit a thrift store.  Magazines are great too.

And finally, mixed in with the books come what we'll call curiosities.  I refuse to use the term knick knack because that sounds all tacky and cheap.  What I am referring to are the items you set out in your space because they are special to you or because you find them beautiful.

Remember my beautiful does not have to be your beautiful.  These rocks and pinecones are special to me because I collected them on our summer vacation.

 This golf trophy was my grandpa's.  The deer was my mom's and I remember playing with it when I was little.  It still has a broken leg glued back together.  And Nate Berkus sits in my living room because I always want to remember that he made it to where he is today without a formal design education...inspiration when I'm feeling down.

So add some items.  
Make sure to edit out things that make your space feel too full or things that you don't just love.

Welcome home!

Stay tuned next week for the annual 31 Days of October posts!

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