Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Pulled Together Space: Step Two - Textiles

Textiles make your space cozy. 
See the difference?

It's just a rug, blanket and pillow but they create a warm feeling.

Textiles can also drastically change a room.  
 Imagine this space without the cowhide rug and toile curtains.

Or what if I put patterned curtains and a coloured rug here?

So if you want to make your space feel more homey or if you're hoping to change up your look, try a new rug.  Throw a blanket on the couch.  Grab some pillows.  None of these options needs to be expensive.  Pillow covers can go right over top of what you already own.  Blankets are easy to find in all sorts of textures and colours.  Go for a walk through Ikea and have a look at the rugs.  And if you're handy, sew up a set of curtains.  The options are endless.  
Go for it.

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