Monday, September 15, 2014

A Pulled Together Space: Step One - Furniture Placement

The first key to making your house feel like a home is the arrangement of furniture.
This is one of my most favourite parts!

I'm not gonna give you a bunch of rules, because you need to live in a space YOU love, 
but here are a couple of guidelines.

Put furniture close together so you can easily have a conversation from one spot to the next.  If you have to lean and raise your voice, your furniture is likely too far apart.

If at all possible, arrange your room so that traffic flows around the conversation area, 
rather than trekking through it.

Here's the most important suggestion.
MOVE stuff.

Try a new configuration.  
Live with it for a few days. 
 Try another one.  
In the world of risks, moving stuff is pretty low down there.  If you don't like it, it will move back!  It's free!  And the benefits are very high.  The difference between a few inches can sometimes make all the difference.  I know it sounds crazy, but this is why 
decorators are always shoving stuff back and forth and hemming and hawing. 
 It works!  
You might think something won't look right but I promise you you need to move it and see.  
Go for it!!!

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