Monday, September 22, 2014

A Pulled Together Space: Step Three - Plants and Light

Please put plants in your space.
It's hard to explain why but there is warmth in a room with plants.
Can you feel it?

It doesn't matter if they are real or artificial as long as your fake plants are quality.
A good test is to see if they can fool your guests.  Here are two of my artificial guys that many people have assumed are real.

It might cost a little more to get good artificial plants, 
but they are worth it if your thumb is as black as mine.  

And now to lights.  
I'm not going to tell you what kind of lights to have because every space is so different.  You many need something pretty overhead or on the table or standing on the floor.  What I will tell you is that what is most important is that you know what sort of mood you want and that you use lighting to create that.  I personally love a dark, cozy room.  I adore those dark wood, library-like, presidential office looking spaces that are all dark and moody.  But many of you love something bright and cheery.  Decide on your goal first, and then experiment with different lighting until you achieve the look you want.

Almost done!  
Come on back Wednesday and we'll finish off the space!

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