Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cleaning Up Kids - Day 8

 Here are some of my favourite kid storage ideas.
Hope you enjoy!

So great to make use of  the space under the bed, especially when wheels are involved!

Clear, easy categories.

I think you've caught on by now to my love of photo ledge book shelves,


as well as spice racks.

It works for stuffies too!

I love making use of the closet floor for storage, and I'm a huge fan of the square fabric bins.  The Martha Stewart line is my favourite because they have cute labels.  They're great if you fit them into your shelf exactly so that you can't see inside.  It makes everything look cleaner.

Labels make it easier for everyone!

For crafty areas, I love peg board!  And there are so many hanging bin options that make art supply storage neat and easy.

The Inspired Room

This is a another fun way to keep supplies sorted. 

How great is this??

Infarrantly Creative

Thanks for joining me this month for Cleaning Up Kids!  I hope you found some ideas that you can implement in your own spaces.

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