Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cleaning Up Kids - Day 5

The reality of life is that you cannot always have every space organized.  Sometimes we just don't have the time to stop everything and reorganize an area right now, today,  that has gotten out of control.

That's why there are doors.

So until I have a chance to get my little Eli working on his closet...the curtain keeps me sane.

And until I can get Cate to fix up her cupboard, the doors can stay closed.

Hooray for drawers,

that can close up on a mess.

Please hear me.
I'm not saying hide all your messes behind closed doors and never organize again.
But life happens to everyone and some weeks are crazier than others.

So awhile back when I found the inside of the girls' wardrobe looking like this,

I closed the doors.
(After snapping the photo for the blog of course!)

Later that week there was a day when Sofi did not have much homework so I had her spend about 20 minutes taking out all the winter clothes and tidying up the space.

Thank-you doors and curtains and drawers for buying us time until we can organize and tidy up those out of control areas.

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