Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cleaning Up Kids - Day 7

Do you have a space that is a constant frustration?
Sometimes when something's broken, it's simply time to fix it.
If a system isn't working, try to figure out what the issue is so that you can adjust the space to fix the problem.

This unit in my 6 year old's room worked for a few years.  But the drawers were breaking and too small.  They'd fall out and were tricky for her to put back.

I found a second hand dresser to replace it with.
It's not so different...except the drawers are bigger so she doesn't have to struggle to fit things in and they are easy to open and close.
It was an easy and inexpensive solution.

My other daughter's closet is a space that's been broken for quite awhile.  She has never managed to keep it tidy despite me working with her and several organizing sessions.  It's tempting to blame the kids sometimes (Why won't she just hang thing properly!?) and of course sometimes that is the problem, but in this case, I've realized, it might be that second bar that is causing frustration here.

When kids are smaller 2 bars is handy for their short clothing but now, this 11 year old is always folding things over on the hanger so that they don't hit the lower bar.

My plan is to have my husband remove it, organize the space with my daughter, and then over time, see if that was the problem.

Sometimes you have to try a few things before you know if the issue is training, or the actual space.

Pop by tomorrow for the conclusion of Cleaning Up Kids.  I'll be sharing some favourite childrens' storage ideas.

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