Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cleaning Up Kids - Day 2

If we're going to require our kids to pick up, they need to have a spot to put stuff.

Everything in it's place, makes a pretty space.

Sounds familiar huh?  
Goodness, she really does harp on that, you might be thinking.  
And yes, I do.  Cause it too, is key.  
If you have a spot to put every single item your kids own, then putting those items away should not be a huge deal.  If your kids have stuff they don't know what to do with, piles start forming and that's when we get into trouble.

There are endless possibilities for storing stuff for kids.  Make sure you keep things age appropriate so that little ones aren't frustrated trying to put their toys away.

It's helpful to label storage spots so everyone can be involved with the clean up.

Lids are handy to keep things looking tidy. 

Dress Up Box

Or how about a drawer? 

Purses, ponies and lego storage.

There are loads ideas for art areas.
This one uses cups to store markers and pencils.

This one uses boxes.

And of course there's more than just toys to keep tidy!

Don't forget to designate spots for homework,

sports stuff,

and of course, the remote(s).

It's frustrating when you want to use something and you can't find it!  For your kids, and for you.  As you train them to pick up regularly, show your children the appropriate spots for their things, and encourage them to always put stuff away properly.  
If you've ever had to search the house for a t.v. remote, you know what I mean!
(Cate once took our Wii remotes up to her room in her purse and then promptly forgot she'd done it.  GRRRR. ;)

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