Monday, May 26, 2014

Cleaning Up Kids - Day 6

So we were away last week but Pretty Organized here wrote ahead so that I could still give you 2 posts  and, yep, forgot to post the second one.  Here it is and I'll also do the last 2 this week to end off May's Cleaning Up Kids series.

Sometimes the trick to keeping a spot clean and pretty is really simple.
Tell your kids not to touch.

Yes, that sounds all mean and it's their house too.  

But would you like to re-roll these blankets every time a kid wants to cover up during a movie?
Would they??

So instead I keep loads of blankets loosely stuffed into the ottoman by our sectional which the kids are welcome to use any time they want.  The fancy rolled blankets are Mommy's which I use in several spots in the house for different seasons. 
(It's a decorator thing.)

I have don't touch rules with some toys as well.  That is, don't touch without asking.
Again, this isn't a rule I made up to be mean, it's a rule that protects my kids from unnecessary frustrations.  Puzzles, for example, are not super fun when pieces are missing.  So rather than let my kids whip out a puzzle whenever, amidst a whole mess of other toys, I keep them separate and if Cate, for example wants one, I get them down from her closet for her.  Then I know they're out and I can be mindful of helping her specifically clean them up after.

Cate has a box of Calico Critters on the top shelf of her closet as well.  
Have you seen the pieces?

But also TINY.
So rather than ending up vacuuming teeny, and expensive little bits of Critter, I require her to ask me to get them down so that I can give her a spot to play with them that is contained.  Say, on an area rug or at the counter or somewhere we can easily see the pieces at clean up time.

Having some rules can actually help kids to have more fun and can also help them keep their toys safe. 

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