Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine LOVE

Well I cannot very well talk about stuff I dislike on VALENTINE'S DAY!

So here is a quick peek at my office...which I love quite a lot.  Back in January it got a bit messed up.  I'd received some gifts and they needed homes and there was just some general chaos going on.

Here are the before and afters.

I used a gift card from Ikea to get a new rug.  The old one showed every speck of lint and hair.  The new one is fresh and clean and shows nothing!  See my fab new plant back there?

 My desk needed a tidy!


I wanted more storage space beside my chair.

So cutie cart moved in.

I put a mirror on the top shelf where the pretty stuff sits and now there is lots of room for my Bible and journals and magazines down below.

My office is one of my favourite rooms in our home.

And what would love day be without my bunnies???
(Obviously I love Dino too but not sure he really wants to be featured.)

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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