Thursday, February 21, 2013

TIDNL - Where to Sit?

 I want to love them.  I do!  I really, really do.  And I'm so tempted to. 
But this little niggly voice in my head just keeps wondering...why?

If you want to sit in your bedroom, why not sit on the bed?

The comfy cozy bed that you probably paid a fortune for. 

Or is it that you are expecting company?
(In your bedroom.)

This one looks like the bed has a tiny matchy pet.


  1. Love the sarcasm... I might just invite you to come visit in my bedroom next time you're over! Then you'll wish for a couch so we won't have to snuggle on my bed!!

  2. I see that as a dreadful clothing drop zone...but on 1 hand, I do get company in the bedroom--squirmy, kicky, pillow-hogging company with the worst of the worst morning breath, and can see this as a great "special little place" for my special little people (If the dog doesn't lay claim first). Looks like a no-win. :) Thank you for sharing your TIDNL list, so far I am in complete agreance with you!

  3. Don't forget I want a coffee table in your room too Coll. :) Hee.

    Joy - I hope I can keep the agreance going next week!!!

  4. I love your TIDNL series. I like to make my bedroom as unwelcoming to others as possible, so a couch in the bedroom doesn't make sense to me either.