Monday, February 4, 2013

TIDNL - Banquettes

Welcome to my first "Things I Do NOT Love" (TIDNL) post.  
So fun!  

Don't get me wrong - I LOVE so, so many things in the decor world.  But I subscribe to 3 decorating magazines and watch a few shows on t.v. and so there are a few items that I come across over and over again that I just don't get.

Item number one on my list - the banquette.
They are gorgeous.  Beautiful.  I love that you can add fabric to your space and I love how they look.

But come on.  Who is scooching their butts around to get into the back of this?

House of Turquoise

And how is this practical?  How many people can really fit back there?

Better Homes and Gardens

Anyone who has ever had a kid at a meal knows that there is some up and down going on.  Oh, excuse me.  Can I get out again?  Sorry, excuse me again.  

Or worse, the person at the edge has to get up 20 times to grab the salt and wipe the spill and make more iced tea.

So, banquette, you are pretty and I love how you look, but you are just not sensible.  

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