Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TIDNL - Trends Gone Permanent

Trends are fun!  But guess what?  They change.

So please, please, do not make them a permanent fixture.

Chevron is huge.  
But wouldn't a pillow or blanket suffice?

I don't even know what this trend is but how fast are you going to be sick of it?

Normally I would say paint is a great way to add a trend in a non-permanent way.

But this is a bit much.

And you know I love turquoise.

But if I stopped, I would hate to have to take my hammer out and replace my entire built in bench.

Paint a piece of furniture.  Buy a pillow.  Hang some drapes.  Paint the floor if you want...but let's avoid adding a trend in a way that requires a demolition to remove it.

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